orange river trails

A Gold Class river

The Orange or !Gariep River is one of the world’s top ten tripping rivers. It has everything: dramatic scenery, small and large rapids, remoteness, a fascinating history, and a huge variety of tripable routes. We concentrate on two magnificent trails. Check out:

Mayaputi Gorge near Lesotho
Thunder Alley
in the Karoo
Oranje Gorge in the Kalahari

Remote and dramatic

The Orange is the Nile of Southern Africa, the river of deserts, passing through spectacular gorges, with waterfalls and beautiful boulder-strewn riverbanks, ideal for camping.

The amazing thing is that almost nobody ever goes there. In America a river like this would attract thousands annually. The remoteness and complete loneliness is what appeals to adventurers in a totally overcrowded world!

Rain and dams 

The route we choose depends on water levels at the time. South Africa is a semi-arid country but there is always runnable river flow in certain sections of the Orange. We watch rainfall patterns and monitor dam outflows along the course of the river, sending route briefings before departure.

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