A superb river environment

Many islands dot the course of the Vaal as it crosses the shattered landscape of the Vredefort Dome impact crater. The environment is ideal for camping. We drift downriver to reach natural campsites where no-one disturbs us and we are entirely private. There are no facilities whatever - only what we carry with us, including the toilet. We have strict rules to protect nature.      

Equipment for the river

At the start of the trip we provide waterproof buckets or drybags for your personal kit, tents and groundmats. We also carry all the cooking equipment, food, tables and even the kitchen sink! Your drinks for the trip should be packed in cooler boxes with ice - we have coolers, tents and groundmats for hire.

Rain or shine - we do it

In summer between November and March it can rain - usually in the late afternoons, clearing up by evening. To sit on the rocks enjoying sundowners is one of the great pleasures of paddling on SA rivers. We erect a group tarpaulin over the kitchen so if it drizzles there's a place to stay dry.

One night or two

The Vaal is a very long river (1 120km from its source in Mpumalanga province to where it joins the Orange River at Douglas: the Orange then flows a further 900km to the Atlantic). In our area we can easily do two nights on river, it all depends on how far you want to go. Trips meet on the first morning at 0800 and end on the last day around 16h00.

A paradise for birds and people

Wake up to the chorus of waterfowl as they dive for fish and play in the rapids. We captured a unique video of cormorants taking a mass swim at our Paradise camp... click below. It's hard to believe this wildlife preserve is just over an hour from Johannesburg.
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